N95 Promask

N95 Promask Advantages

Masks are always the prior choice to protect the health of the users due to their convenience and optimal protection ability. N95 Facemask is made by skin-friendly materials, especially with the ability of preventing dust, antibacterial and virus up to 95%.

Simple design, perfectly fit the users’ face shapes.

are designed with standard sizes, suitable for all size of users’ faces. The ear straps made of soft elastic material, bringing comfortable feelings even when being worn for a long time. The users can adjust the fit of the mask to suit his/her face to ensure the optimal prevention of harmful problems from the outside environment.

Standard design of 5 safety layers


The standard N95 facemask includes 5 antibacterial layers for the ability of filtering up to 95%.

LAYER 1 : White/ SSS- Grade Nonwoven 50G obstructs most dust from the air.

LAYER 2 : White/ First Metlblown filter paper BFE > 99.9%, 25G.

LAYER 3 : White/ Filter sponge cotton 50G.

LAYER 4 : White/ second Metlblown filter paper BFE > 99.9%, 25G.

LAYER 5 : White/ Soft Grade Nonwoven can directly contact to delicate face skin.

N95 means it can filter 95%, 99% of fine dust of 0.3 micron in the air. Thus, N95 Facemask can filter better than medical masks. However, N95 Facemask must be worn correctly and tightly to the user’s face to have the best effect. Therefore, this is one of the advantages and at the same time an disadvantage of this mask.

Instruction of putting on Promask N95 correctly for the best effect

  • Place a Promask N95 in your hand with the straps hanging down.
  • Place the mask on your face, adjust it so that it is balanced between the bridge of your nose and keep it right below the chin.
  • Hold the surface of the mask with one hand while the other hand pulls the ear strap to the back and hooks to 2 ears; adjust the ear straps so that they are as comfortable as possible.
  • Use both hands, especially the tip of the index fingers and the middle fingers to squeeze down the bridge of the nose.
  • Put both hands on the mask, inhale vigorously. If there is gas coming from the edges of the mask and the face, the mask hasn’t been fitted yet. Try put on the mask again following above steps.
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